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Project Description- Warner Bros. Game Zone 22 x 70 wood frame build out in existing open air patio of Imagination Building.  Wood framing, custom wood panel walls, roof mounted HVAC, electrical system including recessed floor…

Project Description- Refuse Facility 40 x 86 concrete foundations and slab, block walls 16′ with structural steel shade roof structure on part. Electrical, plumbing, waste water system, painting Refuse Facility: Under Construction (L), Completed (R)

Project Description- Toll Booth 40 x 60  4 lane toll booth canopy preengineered structure; constructed foundations, electrical, camera systems Toll Booth: Under Construction (L), Completed (R)

Project Description- Castle Games 22 x 40  post and beam construction with truss roof, shingles, distressed stucco finish, custom countertops for game areas

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