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Project Description- Dog Kennels Fabricated steel structure onto existing metal building; performed concrete with waste water system, kennel fencing, electrical and plumbing Dog Kennels: Under Construction (L), Completed (R)

Project Description- Adventure Games 15 x 40 wood frame construction with faux finish stucco, awning frame and roof.  Custom counters for games, electrical and concrete.

Project Description- Extreme Games 15 x 40 custom post and metal panel construction with awning roof.  Fabricated galvanized steel panels for walls, custom counters electrical, paint, and concrete foundations

Project Description- Wardrobe Building 60 x 80 pre-engineered steel building, multi level roof, concrete slab and foundations, plumbing, electrical, hvac, tile, paint, flooring processes uniforms, lockerroom for 1000 employees. Wardrobe Building: Under Construction (L), Completed…

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